If you have an account in Google adsense and you have earn 10$ then google adsense will mail you a pin for address verification, Google AdSense give you three attempts to generate pins.when you does not receive the first pin then you will have to wait and apply for the 2nd pin and then for 3rd one.

The main problem is that some people receive the first generated pin and some people even did not
receive the third generated pin, Mainly the publishers type wrong address of their house in the account so postman cannot deliver it to the right owner. While some time the postman is too lazy to bring it to the owner, and sometime the pin is misplaced in the post office.

If you want To receive the Google adSense Pin on time you must have to note the fallowing :

1. When you are going to generate your first pin you must type and review your address several times, so that you are not typing it wrong.

2. When you generate your first pin you must wait for 40-50 day as i have received in 40 days.

3. When your first pin is generated you must visit your nearest post office and ask them about your pin.

4. When your pin is delayed after 40-50 days you can apply for the second pin and you must review your given address again before applying and if there is any error you can change it.

5. Many people receive their second generated pin on time, but if you have not then you must visit your nearest post office and discuss your problem with the postman.

6. If your second pin is delayed then you must generate your third pin and wait for it. Don’t worry you will receive one of your pin.
[NOTE : All the generated pins are same it does not matter which pin you receive at first time, you just put it in your account and your account will verified]

There is also an alternative way for verification if you does not have receive any of the pin, we will discuss it in our next article. If you have any kind of question you can ask in the comment section ..


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