If you have an android phone or tablet you must thinking to copy or transfer some music, books, games or photo from your mobile storage to pc hardrive.Then you can easily transfer or copy your data by data cable in some minutes, but some time if you don’t have a data cable to carry the data between Pc and Phone then what will we do.
Don’t worry we have a simple solution for it to transfer data without data cable in some minutes..

Important Requirement 

Your mobile should be connected to same WiFi network on which the Pc is connected and you want to transfer data between them.

Now Fallow my simple steps to copy the data without any data cable :

1. First you will simply have to open Google Play store On your       Android Phone/Tablet.

2. Now you have to just type Air droid in the search section of google      play store, and play store will search the app Air droid for you.

3. Now you have to download the app on your android phone and wait for the installation of the app on your phone.
4. After installation you just open the app on the phone and click on     AirDroid Web.

5. Now open your Pc and then browser on your Pc and enter 
    IP address shown in Option 2 at the address bar of Pc .
   [ IP address changes with new start of application]

6. As you enter the IP address on your Pc browser the popup will be 
    shown your phone/tablet.

7. Now just click on Accept.

8. Now your Phone/Tablet is connected to your Pc and your ready to transfer data between Pc and 
   phone/tablet .

9. Now just drag or drop the file inside the Airdroid web page and it will transfer ..

If you have any kind of question you can ask in the comment section .



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