Drivers are so important for computer to be updated because drivers controls all the PC. Driver make the PC to run smoothly and fast, so now updating your pc drivers is so much easily if you have internet connection connected to your pc.

Fallow my steps:

1. First you have to install a free version software named (Io Driver Booster) from the given link click here
2. After downloading the software you will simply have to install the downloaded file into your PC.

3. Installation will take about 6-5 minutes to install depending on your pc hardware.

4. After installation you will simply have to run the application which you have installed ( Io Driver     Booster) .

5. After running the software you will simply have to click on Scan and the software will start scanning your PC hardware.

6. This process will take around 2-3 minutes to complete and the application will auto detect the out-dated drivers automatically.

7. After scanning and detection the software will show the complete list of  out-dated drivers.

8. Now just click on update all or if you want to update one by one then simply click on drivers which you want to update.

9. After clicking the update the software will start downloading the required updated drivers for your PC.

10. Now sit back and relax the software will update each and every drivers for you. The download speed will depend upon your internet connection.

 This is the simple method to update your PC drivers , I hope you understand it if you have any kind of problem driver updating related you can ask in the comment section.


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