STEAM looks set to soon launch its Steam summer sale 2018 with great money-saving deals to be offered on top PC games today. Here is everything you need to know about the big Steam sale.

STEAM SALE – STEAM SUMMER SALE 2018 UPDATE: The Steam summer sale 2018 is officially kicking off today.
At 6pm BST the Steam website was updated to show artwork for ‘The Intergalactic Summer Sale’.
The Steam summer sale 2018 will be running from June 21 until July 5.
While the Steam website has been updated to show the Steam summer sale 2018 artwork, users are still waiting to see all the deals go live.
However, one eye-catching deal that has appeared when visited the Steam website was a PUBG money off offer.
Set to be one of the highlights of the Steam summer sale 2018, the deal gives Steam users 33 percent off the price of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.
While Steam users can also save up to 75 percent on games from the Fallout franchise.
If you’re wondering what are the best deals in the Steam summer sale 2018 then click through the gallery below to find some of’s picks.
The Steam summer sale 2018 is set to kick off soon, with the expected release time just minutes away.
It’s been claimed that Valve will be launching the Steam summer sale 2018 today at 6pm BST, which is 1pm eastern time and 10am Pacific time.
Valve never give the launch dates of their upcoming Steam sales in advance.
However, the ever reliable and Steam Database Twitter said the next Steam sale is starting today.


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