Camtasia 9 is very powerful software that you can use to capture your computer screen, or use to edit video that you’ve recorded with another type of camera like a webcam. You might wonder why you would want to conduct screen recording but when you consider that by using software such as Camtasia to record your screen you can then teach anyone how to do something on the computer. Some of the functions you can complete using Camtasia:

Record Desktop – Perhaps you want to show your mom how to block people on Facebook, or you want to show employees and contractors how to add an appropriate email signature using Gmail or Outlook, you can do it. You simply set up the software, record your screen, and speak into your microphone while you conduct the task that you’re trying to demonstrate.
Screen Recording – You can create a PowerPoint presentation, and then record it as you conduct the thing that you want to show someone how to do. You can probably imagine many different tasks that you’d like to demonstrate to show others how to do.

Screen recording enables you to create a variety of Camtasia tutorials that will be useful to your employees, contractors, staff and / or students. Additionally, any type of event can be captured and edited using Camtasia software. You can use a combination of presentations, captured digital footage both action and still, and use the Camtasia software to bring it all together in a professional format with voice overs and special enhancing using highlighting, text, flash animation and more.
Camtasia software is used by many University professors to create tutorials for their online students and even for extras for their traditional classes. Once you create the tutorial using Camtasia the software automatically creates the end product in the form you choose whether for viewing via a website or whether via a download in another format. When you’re done creating your training video, you’ll be given a choice to publish in many popular formats such as FLV, MP4, MPEG, 3GP and others.
These various choices will enable you to post your end training video on your website, within an email, within a membership website, for download, and in many useful ways for the intended recipient, your target market, to watch and learn from. You can use these training videos to train your audience how to do something, or why they should do something, adding interest to your offerings thus increasing your expert status exponentially.

You can download or purchase Camtasia studio by clicking here.

Guest Author: Michelle Schoen

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